The Arkansas Bankers Association has partnered with Secure Banking Solutions (SBS) Institution to serve the banking industry by providing cyber education to better prepare students and their financial institution for cybersecurity threats and regulations. These banking specific, role-based certifications allow students to master the concepts and technologies required to perform essential cybersecurity functions. The SBS Institute certifications include real-world cybersecurity issues and establish solutions that make cybersecurity responsibilities more efficient and effective.

The SBS Institute certification program is designed around three learning paths: Executive, Manager, and Technical. Each path contains a list of applicable job titles, making it clear which courses are for you based on your job. Each learning path also includes one core certification and a variety of specialized certifications. A core certification is not a pre-requisite of a specialized certification, but is rather a natural starting point within the learning path.

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Follow Your Path

New learning paths are designed to guide students on a continuing education path based on their job duties. Core Certifications are not a pre-requisite for a Specialized Certification. Courses may be taken as part of a learning path or individually.

How it works:
  1. Find your role in the Executive, Manager, or Technical learning path.
  2. Consider the suggested Core Certification relating to your learning path as a starting point.
  3. Continue on your learning path with a Specialized Certification.

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Role-Based Cybersecurity Certifications

Executive Level Learning Path

The Executive Level of the SBS Institute is geared at the top-level of your financial institution, namely the Board of Directors and the C-level executives. Certifications at the Executive level are meant to help your organization understand the high-level areas of risk, set the institution’s risk appetite, and ensure sound security practices are implemented and tested.

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Manager Level Learning Path

The Manager level of education is built around certification programs that help the institution manage and implement different aspects of your Information Security Program, as well as how to measure some of your ISP components and report findings upstream. Roles at the institution that the Manager level certifications would best suit include the ISO, IT Manager, Auditors, or Compliance, Security, or Operations Officers.

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Technical Level Learning Path

The Technical level is aimed at those that are responsible for implementing the technical, day-to-day risk-mitigating controls at your institution, such as managing and monitoring a firewall, managing mobile devices, performing a digital forensic investigation, or learning techniques that a hacker would use to break into the network so that you can build up your perimeter defenses. Roles that best fit the Technical level certifications include IT Managers, Network Administrators, and IT Specialists.

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