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ABA Provides Treasury with Recommendations to Promote Economic Growth (4/26/2017) 
In a detailed letter on Friday to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, ABA provided a number of recommendations to improve banks’ regulation and promote economic growth.
ACH Transaction Volume, Value Grow in 2016 (4/26/2017) 
Electronic ACH payment transaction volume grew by 5.3 percent last year, reaching 25.6 billion transactions, according to a report from NACHA, the electronic payments association.
Nichols: Durbin Amendment Costs Consumers ‘Tens of Billions’ in Losses (4/26/2017) 
As representatives from the retail industry hit Capitol Hill this week to lobby members of Congress, ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols called on lawmakers to repeal the Durbin Amendment, which imposed government price controls on debit card interchan
Arkansas Milestone Bankers Honored 2017 (4/18/2017) 
Thirty longtime Arkansas bankers were honored with the BKD Milestones in Banking Awards at the 127th Annual Arkansas Bankers Association Convention on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at the Robinson Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.
New Slate of ABA Officers Installed for 2017 (4/18/2017) 
A new slate of officers was installed at the ABA Annual Convention on Tuesday, April 11.
Redlining, Servicing, Biz Lending among CFPB Fair Lending Priorities in 2017 (4/17/2017) 
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said on Friday that it will prioritize redlining, mortgage and student loan servicing and small business lending in its fair lending enforcement activities this year.
ABA Submits Bipartisan Economic Growth Ideas to Crapo, Brown (4/17/2017) 
ABA urged the leaders of the Senate Banking Committee to focus on expanding portfolio mortgage lending, modernizing rules on brokered deposits, enhancing bank innovation and providing relief from unnecessary stress tests -- all of which would be bipa
Fiduciary Rule Implementation Date Moved to June (4/6/2017) 
The Department of Labor has unveiled a final rule postponing the applicability deadline of its “fiduciary rule” for 60 days.
ABA Proposes Changes for Next Farm Bill (4/6/2017) 
Testifying on behalf of ABA yesterday at a hearing before the House Agriculture Committee’s Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credit Subcommittee, banker Nate Franzen outlined several changes ABA is seeking in the upcoming Farm Bill.
ABA Community Bankers Meet with Mnuchin, Top Treasury Leaders (4/6/2017) 
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his leadership team hosted a group of community bankers to discuss unnecessary and outdated regulations that are hindering economic growth and making it more difficult for banks to serve their customers and commu
ABA, State Associations Continue Focus on ADA Website Issues (4/4/2017) 
Over the last month, ABA has been working with state bankers associations to inform members of Congress about the demand letters that plaintiffs’ firms have sent to banks asserting that the bank’s website is not accessible to speech and hearing impai
FHFA Releases Fannie, Freddie Progress Report (3/30/2017) 
The Federal Housing Finance Agency yesterday released a progress report on its goals for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while the GSEs are in federal conservatorship.
Savarese Op-Ed: Growth Depends on ‘Common-Sense Reg Reform’ (3/30/2017) 
The biggest obstacle in the way of banks’ ability to create jobs and grow the economy is a framework of overly prescriptive rules and “one-size-fits-all” regulations, ABA Chairman Dorothy Savarese wrote in a Fox Business op-ed.
House Ag Committee Holds Hearing on Farm Credit Oversight (3/30/2017) 
Lawmakers echoed bankers’ concerns about “mission creep” by the government-sponsored Farm Credit System in a House Agriculture Committee hearing on the system’s performance and overall safety and soundness.
Nichols Op-Ed: Let Community Banks Drive the Economy Forward (3/22/2017) 
In an op-ed in The Hill newspaper, ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols fought back at the notion that “everything’s just fine” in the banking sector and that no regulatory relief is needed.
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