Ways to Get Involved

  • Schedule a Meeting with your Federal or State Representative
  • Join ABA on one of our bi-yearly Washington trips
  • Support ABA BankPAC
  • Use ABA Talking points to convey your message to your representative

Do all of this and more by contacting the ABA Government Relations Division

Direct Contact Bankers

Who do you know? What elected official is a bank customer? Do you go to church with? Is in your kids' class? Serves on a board with you? Your connections are vital to our success! Contact Lorrie Trogden to discuss our Direct Contact Banker Program today!

Bankers Speak Up

Bankers Speak Up, a free grassroots communications platform from the American Bankers Association, helps you send positive messages about banking to your customers, the media and policymakers. Visit aba.com/SpeakUp to get help telling the story of your bank and your community -- and redirect the conversation about the banking industry at the grassroots level.

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