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Call Report Preparation: An Update and Review

Call Report Preparation: An Update and Review
The Call Report is constantly changing, producing confusion and many questions. This Call Report Update webinar will provide training for experienced preparers and reviewers and will include complete coverage of new and complex issues impacting the Call Report preparation, to include the changes resulting from COVID-19 initiatives. New, proposed, and revised changes will be presented in summary form at the beginning of the webinar followed by a more detailed discussion as specific schedules are reviewed and discussed. Participants will receive a workbook in addition to the presentation materials that will be referred to throughout the webinar. Annual training is highly recommended by regulators. Training will be based upon current FFIEC 041 and 051 forms and will be used in the presentation and materials. Specific areas within the Call Report that commonly contain errors will be pointed out over the course of the presentation as specific schedules are discussed.
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6/9/2020 9:00 AM - 3:45 PM
Central Standard Time
Virtual Learning

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