Banker Candidate Q&A With Bruce Maloch

Meet Bruce Maloch, Vice Chairman and General Counsel for Farmers Bank & Trust in Magnolia, and current Arkansas State Senator representing District 12.

What inspired you to run for office?

I have been interested in the political process since interning for Senator David Pryor in Washington in 1979, his first year in the Senate. Despite the recent revelations about some who have violated the public trust, I still believe public service is an honorable calling and a great way to give back to our communities and state.

Why is it important for bankers to be involved in, and knowledgeable about, politics – particularly at the local level?

Although most bank legislation and regulations originate at the federal level, the actions we take at the state affect our local communities and that impacts our banks. We consider legislation dealing with education, higher education, health care, criminal justice, economic development, tax policy and more. It is important for bankers to establish relationships with their legislators and give input on those issues affecting our communities.

You currently serve as a State Senator, what importance does service to your community in this capacity have?

Serving as Senator gives me the opportunity to advocate for jobs, infrastructure and other needs in each of the communities I represent.

Elected officials provide a voice for their constituents...what does that responsibility mean to you?

Giving serious consideration to each vote and helping individual constituents is both a great responsibility and high honor.

What is the importance of voting as a banker, and as an Arkansan?

The outcome of votes on issues referred to the people and candidates elected to serve affects all of us. It is important that we study the candidates and the issues and vote our convictions. In the last non-presidential election year, only 50% of the registered voters cast a ballot. We should encourage all our employees, friends and neighbors to exercise their right to vote.

This Banker Candidate Q&A is a follow-up to the article “From Making Loans to Making Laws,” published in the August 2018 issue of The Arkansas Banker.