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ELS Spotlight With Xiomara Vasquez

Xiomara Vasquez is a Branch Manager at Grand Savings Bank in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

What is the most important leadership lesson that you’ve learned?

Always be open to learning and developing yourself. Never stop learning or be resistant to change.

What’s your biggest leadership struggle?

Having difficult conversations is never easy, regardless of the outcome.

What is the most effective daily habit you possess?

I always make my bed first thing in the morning! It is the best way to start my day.

What is the greatest advice you have ever been given?

Knowledge is power.

What does effective leadership look like to you?

An effective leader has an engaged team where trust has been established. The team knows the leader has their back and will always have their best interest at heart.

How has leadership changed in 2021?

Challenging your team to find new ways to adapt to the changing environment around us.

The ELS Spotlight is an ongoing series to highlight our Emerging Leaders from around Arkansas.