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November 10, 2020

  • Recap of Day 1

  • Insider Abuse and Complicity and Red Flags
    Sadly, there are many insider fraud schemes and related scenarios that can be perpetrated against your institution in an attempt to hide money laundering (ML) activities. Discovering employees in the early stages of their complicit acts is crucial to avoidance or mitigation of serious impact on the financial institution. During this session, we will focus on the what are the insider red flags and tools, tips, and takeaways for monitoring and proactively minimizing these types of losses.

  • Regulatory Panel
    This session highlights hot topics, examination trends, supervisory priorities and expectations, and best practices. This is your chance to see what the focal points of your next on-site examination might be. This year’s representatives are asked to respond to twelve planned questions submitted by bankers as well as highlight key initiatives and recommendation from their respective regulatory agency.

  • Lagniappe
    This session is a fast-paced, bonus session highlighting key BSA hot topics including:
    • Common Beneficial Ownership Challenges and Recommendations
    • POATMs and MSBs Tips and Tools
    • Trade-Based Money Laundering Trends
    • Banking Non-Resident Aliens
    • Top 5 Risk Assessments and Risk Ratings Musts
    • and more…

  • Getting the Most from Your Core Provider – Breakout Group
    Is your bank considering purchasing or adding AML Software? What are the pros and cons of the AML software companies? Attendees will have an opportunity for sharing, networking, and problem solving around key challenges with core processors and BSA/AML software implementation as well as no AML software.

  • Elderly and Vulnerable Adults Financial Exploitation – Can We Really Make a Difference?
    Elder and at-risk abuse happens every day and takes many forms. It’s estimated that only one out of 10 cases of elder abuse are actually reported. As a result, no one knows exactly how many older Americans are being abused, neglected or financially exploited every year. But we do know that financial exploitation is the fastest growing form of abuse of seniors and vulnerable adults in the country today. In this session, we will discuss the financial abuse of the elderly Illinois statutes with a focus on recommendations for helping combat the financial exploitation of elderly and at-risk customers.

  • Tips, Tools, and Takeaways
    During this session, sharing of best practices, tips, and tools, discussion of common challenges and opportunities will highlight the action plan for implementation back at the bank.

  • What’s Ahead in 2020
    This session will wrap up the School and highlight upcoming proposed rulemaking and key initiatives that are on the horizon for BSA/AML.

  • Wrap Up

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