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CFPB Seeks Clear Authority to Supervise for MLA Compliance (1/18/2019) 
The CFPB called on Congress to grant the bureau clear authority to supervise for Military Lending Act compliance.
ABA Spotlights How Banks Support Customers Through Shutdown (1/17/2019) 
With thousands of federal employees and contractors affected by the longest shutdown in U.S. history, America’s banks are working to support these individuals and their families that may be experiencing financial hardship.
Arkansas Banks Pass Federal Regulatory Evaluations in 2018 (1/14/2019) 
Priority Bank of Fayetteville was among 31 national banks, federal savings associations, and insured federal branches of foreign banks that have received a satisfactory or outstanding Community Reinvestment Act evaluations in the month of December.
ABA Urges Trump, Congress to Reopen Government (1/14/2019) 
With the government shutdown now in its third week, ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols on Friday called on President Trump and congressional leaders to reopen the government.
Bank Economists Expect Slower Growth in 2019 (1/10/2019) 
Economic growth will ease to 2.1 percent in 2019 and further moderate to 1.7 percent in 2020, according to the consensus forecast of the ABA Economic Advisory Committee.
Consumer Delinquencies Move Back Toward Normal Levels in Q3 (1/8/2019) 
Bank card delinquencies resumed a slow return toward normal levels in the third quarter of 2018 but remain low by historical standards.
Federal Government Shuts Down; Bank Regulators Remain Open (1/2/2019) 
Federal banking regulators -- the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC -- have remained open as their funding does not come from congressional spending.
Agencies Finalize Three-Year Phase-In for CECL’s Regulatory Capital Effects (1/2/2019) 
As expected, the financial regulatory agencies on Dec. 21 issued a final rule giving banks the option to phase in over a three-year period the day-one adverse effects of the Current Expected Credit Loss standard on regulatory capital.
CFPB Issues Policy Guidance on HMDA Data Release (1/2/2019) 
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released its policy guidance describing the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act loan-level data it plans to release publicly in 2019.
After ABA Advocacy, FEMA Reverses Decision on Flood Insurance During Shutdown (12/31/2018) 
Effective immediately, FEMA will allow operations of the National Flood Insurance Program to resume, even while the government remains partially shut down.
FEMA Curtails New Flood Insurance Policies During Government Shutdown (12/27/2018) 
In an unanticipated move Wednesday, FEMA announced that it will halt regular National Flood Insurance Program operations during the government shutdown, a decision that will complicate and potentially delay loan closings for borrowers seeking mortgag
Bank Regulators to Stay Open While Other Agencies Partially Close; NFIP Reauthorized (12/24/2018) 
With the federal government shut down since Saturday morning, several agencies are closing all but essential operations.
House Members Call for CECL Study, Delay (12/20/2018) 
Twenty-eight Republican House members urged a delay in CECL’s implementation date and a comprehensive study of its effects on the banking industry and access to credit.
FDIC Seeks Public Comment on Brokered Deposit Regulations (12/19/2018) 
In a move long sought by ABA, the FDIC issued an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on brokered deposits and the national rate cap.
FDIC Greenlights Three-Year Phase-In for CECL’s Regulatory Capital Effects (12/19/2018) 
The FDIC voted to approve a final rule giving banks the option to phase in over a three-year period the day-one adverse effects of the Current Expected Credit Loss standard on regulatory capital.
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