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President Trump Signs Landmark ABA-Advocated Regulatory Reform Bill into Law (5/24/2018) 
President Trump today signed S. 2155 -- which was passed earlier this week by a bipartisan majority in the House -- into law.
Congress Enacts Bipartisan, ABA-Advocated Regulatory Reform Bill (5/23/2018) 
In a landmark moment for post-crisis banking policy, the House by a bipartisan 258 to 159 vote yesterday passed S. 2155, the Senate’s regulatory reform bill.
California Banker Challenges ‘Misinformation’ on S. 2155 HMDA Provision (5/22/2018) 
Opponents of S. 2155 are spreading “misinformation” about what S. 2155 does to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, a California banker wrote in a Sacramento Bee op-ed.
S. 2155 to Get Long-Awaited House Vote Tuesday (5/21/2018) 
The House is scheduled to vote tomorrow on S. 2155, the bipartisan financial regulation bill that passed the Senate in March.
Household Debt Increases for 15th Consecutive Quarter (5/18/2018) 
Outstanding household debt increased by 0.5 percent in the first quarter of 2018, rising by $63 billion to land at $13.21 trillion.
CFPB Updates TRID Compliance Guides (5/17/2018) 
The CFPB issued new versions of the small entity compliance guide for the TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures, as well as the guide to the loan estimate and the closing disclosure, the two TRID forms.
House Passes SBA 7(a) Reform Bill (5/9/2018) 
By a voice vote, the House yesterday passed H.R. 4743, a bipartisan bill that would strengthen the SBA’s oversight of its loan programs and increase its maximum lending authority.
House Votes to Overturn CFPB Indirect Auto Lending Guidance (5/9/2018) 
The House yesterday reversed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s 2013 guidance on indirect auto lending.
Ryan Confirms House Will Vote on S. 2155 (5/9/2018) 
The House will vote on S. 2155, the bipartisan financial regulatory reform bill advanced by the Senate in March, while the Senate will take up a set of additional reform bills passed by the House Financial Services Committee.
ABA Issues Policy Recommendations on Fintech (5/7/2018) 
As the Treasury prepares to issue its report on nonbank fintech issues, ABA today released a white paper featuring 11 fintech policy recommendations that would facilitate innovation both inside and outside of the regulated banking system and promote
Bankers Urged to Participate in Regulatory Feedback Initiative (5/3/2018) 
Under the Trump administration, changes have been coming at the federal banking agencies -- including in examinations.
Court Rebuffs Efforts to Appeal Decision Vacating Fiduciary Rule (5/3/2018) 
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday blocked third-party efforts to appeal its March ruling that vacated the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule in its entirety.
ABA, Groups Provide Comments to Treasury on Sub S Bank Tax Deduction (5/2/2018) 
As the Treasury Department develops guidance to implement Section 199A of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it should be clear that Subchapter S banks are eligible for the section’s pass-through deduction as Congress intended.
Newest Compliance Column Addresses Changes to Model Form for Beneficial Ownership (5/1/2018) 
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that he expects the House to pass S. 2155 sometime in May.
Majority of Consumers Support Regulatory Changes (4/25/2018) 
By a margin of more than four to one, Americans agree that the House should pass S. 2155, the bipartisan Senate regulatory reform bill, according to results from a new ABA/Morning Consult poll released.
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