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HUD Issues Request for Public Comment on Disparate Impact Regulation (6/20/2018) 
HUD is formally seeking public comment on whether its rule implementing the Fair Housing Act's discriminatory effects standard is consistent with the Supreme Court decision in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities
Reps. Pearce, Luetkemeyer Introduce ABA-Backed BSA Reform Bill (6/14/2018) 
Reps. Steve Pearce and Blaine Luetkemeyer introduced an ABA-supported bill that would update several elements of the Bank Secrecy Act and other anti-money laundering laws and regulations.
Otting: OCC Working on Interagency Consensus on CRA Reform Plans (6/14/2018) 
The OCC is hoping to issue a long-awaited advance notice of proposed rulemaking on the Community Reinvestment Act in the coming weeks.
ABA Raises Concerns about Proposed Changes to FHLB Affordable Housing Program (6/12/2018) 
In a comment letter to the Federal Housing Finance Agency on Friday, ABA called on FHFA to reconsider its approach to modifying the Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program.
Federal Agencies Arrest 74 Scammers in Connection With ID Theft (6/12/2018) 
A coordinated effort by the departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Treasury, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and other partners led to the arrest of 74 individuals in the U.S. and abroad in connection with recent business email compromise s
ABA Publishes Timeline Highlighting Effective Dates of S. 2155 Provisions (6/8/2018) 
To help bankers keep track of when various provision will take effect, ABA has created a timeline of the bill's effective dates.
ABA Urges CFPB to Abandon Public Complaint Database (6/5/2018) 
In a comment letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, ABA urged the bureau to stop publishing individual consumer complaints and complaint narratives.
Fed Proposes Overhaul of Volcker Rule to Tailor Compliance Burdens (5/31/2018) 
he Federal Reserve Board unanimously voted to propose a long-awaited set of changes to the Volcker Rule.
ABA’s S. 2155 Webinar Now Available for Download (5/30/2018) 
The hour-long webinar provided a deep dive into various provisions of the new law and a look at what the industry will tackle next on the path to making commonsense changes to the nation’s financial regulatory framework.
Mulvaney: CFPB to Consider Scale of Violations in Enforcement Actions (5/30/2018) 
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will consider the scale of violations as it makes enforcement actions against companies.
President Trump Signs Landmark ABA-Advocated Regulatory Reform Bill into Law (5/24/2018) 
President Trump today signed S. 2155 -- which was passed earlier this week by a bipartisan majority in the House -- into law.
Congress Enacts Bipartisan, ABA-Advocated Regulatory Reform Bill (5/23/2018) 
In a landmark moment for post-crisis banking policy, the House by a bipartisan 258 to 159 vote yesterday passed S. 2155, the Senate’s regulatory reform bill.
California Banker Challenges ‘Misinformation’ on S. 2155 HMDA Provision (5/22/2018) 
Opponents of S. 2155 are spreading “misinformation” about what S. 2155 does to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, a California banker wrote in a Sacramento Bee op-ed.
S. 2155 to Get Long-Awaited House Vote Tuesday (5/21/2018) 
The House is scheduled to vote tomorrow on S. 2155, the bipartisan financial regulation bill that passed the Senate in March.
Household Debt Increases for 15th Consecutive Quarter (5/18/2018) 
Outstanding household debt increased by 0.5 percent in the first quarter of 2018, rising by $63 billion to land at $13.21 trillion.
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