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FDIC Launches Initiative to Encourage De Novo Formation (12/7/2018) 
The FDIC formally launched its highly anticipated initiative to foster de novo bank formation.
FDIC’s McWilliams: De Novo Activity ‘Not Where It Should Be’ (12/7/2018) 
In related news, FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams addressed the shortage of de novo banks in the U.S. over the past several years, noting that more can be done to encourage new bank formation.
FinCEN, Banking Agencies Encourage Innovation in AML/BSA Compliance (12/4/2018) 
The banking agencies, along with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, issued a statement encouraging banks to consider, study and -- where appropriate -- implement innovative approaches to anti-money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act compliance.
OCC Warns of Risk from Rising Corporate Debt (12/4/2018) 
Exposure to rising corporate debt -- including bonds and loans -- was among several key risk themes identified by the OCC in its semiannual risk report released yesterday.
Article Looks at Use of Emojis in Financial Services Messaging (11/28/2018) 
While most smartphone users are familiar with emojis, few in the banking industry have considered them as a serious marketing communications tool.
New ABA Endorsement to Help Banks Offer Credit Cards (11/28/2018) 
To enable banks to issue credit cards with their own logo to commercial and retail customers, ABA has endorsed a new agent credit card program offered by ServisFirst Bank.
ABA Op-Ed Calls on Congress, FDIC to Revisit Brokered Deposit Rules (11/26/2018) 
In an American Banker op-ed, ABA called on Congress & the FDIC to reconsider existing brokered deposits rules and regulations and modernize them so that consumers can continue interacting with their bank in the manner of their choosing.
FCC Releases Draft Order to Establish Reassigned Number Database (11/26/2018) 
The FCC released a draft order that would create a database of phone numbers that have been relinquished by one individual and reassigned to another individual.
FDIC Proposes 9 Percent Leverage Ratio as Threshold for Basel III Exemption (11/21/2018) 
In a long-awaited rulemaking, the FDIC voted to propose that community banks with a leverage capital ratio of at least 9 percent may be automatically considered in compliance with Basel III capital requirements and exempt from the complex Basel calcu
AmBA Study Reveals Satisfaction with Online and Mobile Banking (11/14/2018) 
ABA released new data showing that more than nine in 10 Americans rated their bank’s online and mobile app experience as “excellent,” “very good” or “good.”
Fed Bank Supervision Report Illustrates Industry Health (11/13/2018) 
The Federal Reserve released a report on its regulatory and supervisory activities for banking companies demonstrating the health and soundness of the banking industry.
Learn How Bankers Can Serve Military Customers (11/9/2018) 
As the nation prepares to observe Veterans Day, the latest exclusive online feature on the ABA Banking Journal website features insights from former and active duty service members-turned-bankers on how the banking industry can support military custo
FHFA, CFPB Release Mortgage Origination Data (11/9/2018) 
The FHFA and CFPB released a new loan-level data set collected through its National Survey of Mortgage Originations.
Senators Urge FDIC to End Choke Point Practices (11/8/2018) 
Months after the Trump administration ended Operation Choke Point, a group of 13 Republican members of the Senate Banking Committee wrote to FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams calling on the FDIC to ensure that these practices are discontinued.
ABA Issues Analysis of 2018 Elections (11/8/2018) 
ABA’s congressional relations and political engagement teams have prepared an analysis of how Tuesday's midterm elections will affect the banking industry.
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