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Pending CECL Delay Should Not Put Off Preparations, Regulators Say (9/12/2019) 
With a pending proposal by the Financial Accounting Standards Board to delay the CECL standard’s implementation deadline to 2023 for certain institutions, top accounting officials at federal agencies warned banks not to “rest on their laurels” when i
New Article Reviews HMDA Data, Outlines ABA Policy Goals (9/12/2019) 
A preliminary review of the 2018 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data showed improving trends, though deeper analysis is needed to ensure mortgage credit flows to all creditworthy individuals.
ABA Commends FHFA for Swift Replacement of Discontinued Rate Survey (9/11/2019) 
In a letter to the FHFA, ABA commended the agency for swiftly replacing its Monthly Interest Rate Survey with an alternative index, the PMMS+ index.
The SAFE Banking Act – An Update (9/11/2019) 
As the year goes on, marijuana has increasingly become both an issue and a topic of interest for banks. But banks take a risk with banking these businesses because Federal authorities could pursue the bank.
CFPB Issues New Policies Intended to Foster Innovation (9/11/2019) 
As part of its ongoing effort to foster financial services innovation, the CFPB issued three new policies to help banks safely and compliantly develop innovative products and services.
As Dorian Threatens SE Coast, AmBA Offers Preparedness Resources (9/3/2019) 
With Hurricane Dorian bringing hurricane and tropical storm conditions to Florida's coastline this morning and threatening other coastal areas as it moves north, AmBA reminds bankers and state bankers associations of several resources to help with in
Fed Updates Exam Manual to Reflect Private Flood Rule Changes (8/28/2019) 
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council updated its Flood Disaster Protection Act examination manual to reflect changes resulting from the new private flood rule.
FASB Formalizes Proposal to Delay CECL Implementation for Some Institutions (8/16/2019) 
Following a vote last month, the FASB formally issued its proposal to delay the implementation of the current expected credit loss standard until January 2023 for certain companies.
Fed to Offer Its Own Faster Payments Service (8/6/2019) 
In a long-awaited decision, the Federal Reserve announced it would develop FedNow, its own real-time settlement service to compete with the bank-built, private-sector RTP network.
Latest Article Examines How Banks Can Prepare Now for Contactless Payments (8/6/2019) 
Contactless payments are the norm in many countries around the globe, but have been slower to take off in the U.S. in recent years.
Fed Cuts Interest Rates for First Time Since Financial Crisis (8/1/2019) 
As expected by analysts, the Federal Open Market Committee announced that it would cut the target range for the federal funds rate by a quarter of a point to 2 to 2.25% amid slowing global growth and mounting economic uncertainties.
New Infographic Helps Bankers Understand the Internet of Things (8/1/2019) 
As part of its efforts to help bankers understand and leverage the benefits of fintech, ABA has published a new infographic on the Internet of Things, or IoT.
AmBA Seeks Greater Regulatory Clarity About Hemp (7/26/2019) 
While the 2018 Farm Bill reclassified hemp as a legal agricultural commodity, banks still face challenges in serving hemp producers and hemp-related businesses.
Industry Veterans Call for Pause on CECL Implementation (7/24/2019) 
In an op-ed published in The Washington Times, industry veterans warned of the dire consequences that could result from a hasty implementation of the current expected credit loss accounting standard.
New ABA White Paper Highlights Public Benefits of Banking Cannabis Businesses (7/24/2019) 
As a conflict between state and federal law continues to inhibit cannabis-related businesses from accessing financial services, AmBA has released a white paper illustrating the public benefits of banking these businesses.
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