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ABA GR Events

  • Annual Washington Visit, September 19-20, 2022
  • ELS Day at the Capitol, each fall before regular state legislative session
  • ELS Day with the Regulator, each fall before state legislative fiscal session
  • Coffee and Committee, two to four mornings during regular legislative session
  • Group meetings, Spring

AmBA GR Dates

  • Annual Washington Visit, Spring
    Click here to get a rundown of our April 2019 visit.
  • Grassroots Summit, October

Federal Financial Analytics Independent Study on Credit Unions

A recent report found that credit unions are falling short of their mission to serve households of “small means.” In fact, according to the research by respected analyst Karen Shaw Petrou, credit union members are disproportionately from middle- and upper-income households, and credit unions’ lack of “mission compliance” deepens U.S. economic inequality.

Policymakers are being strongly encouraged to read this report so they can judge for themselves if today’s credit union industry is meeting the mission Congress intended, and whether the NCUA is providing the regulatory oversight consumers deserve. Read the Federal Financial Analytics news release.