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Wednesday, September 28

The Technology Track is structured to give Arkansas bankers an understanding of the products available today, and how to use them to both benefit customers and safeguard data.

Who Attends: IT Officers, Technology Managers, Chief Information Officers, and IT Committee Members

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7:00 a.m.
8:00 a.m. Do You Want to Be the Lunch or the Lion?
Aaron Silva

Institutions want to begin their digital transformation strategy and acquire the benefits of virtual banking but they don't know where to start. This presentation discusses the technological and contractual barriers that await and discusses what other banks are doing to solve these problems. We will include examples of omni-channel banking, mobile first and basic functions of a virtual bank.

9:00 a.m. Break in Trade Show
9:15 a.m. Information Technology’s All Just So Much!
Ted Clouser

This session is a deep dive into the high-level conversations being discussed as to whether the IT team has the resources needed to cover ALL of the bank’s needs that included the current IT situation and the proactive bank building input needed to help them get to the next level. What does a co-managed IT team look like? And what are the holes that never seem to be filled?

10:15 a.m. Break in Trade Show
10:30 a.m. Using Data Analytics and Research to Build the Right Consumer Experience
Simon Powley

One constant in financial services today is the ever-changing landscape with respect to new branch and self-service technology capabilities. Financial institutions are faced with a growing array of options to evaluate, from enhancements to ATM capabilities and mobile banking functionality to technology that can help improve the efficiency of branch operations and improve the consumer experience. Faced with so many choices, some institutions opt to mimic what their neighboring competitor is doing, while others make investments based on their unique business priorities. In some cases, institutions have deployed technology that is ahead of its time or that their retail and small business clients aren’t ready for. In this session, we will review an approach to navigating this increasingly complex technology-rich environment and discuss the steps required to develop a roadmap best suited to your institution’s strategy and client needs.

11:30 a.m. Lunch Featuring:
A 2020 Election Summary, A 2022 Election Preview, & A Legislative Update

Eric Haar, Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas

1:00 p.m. The Top Six Controls to Reduce Your Risk of a Cyber Incident
David Edwards

Gone are the days of only having to worry about a “virus” getting onto your network and causing a few minor issues. Today’s cyber attacks are completely automated on the front-end, meaning getting access to your network has never been easier. Hackers tend to live in a network undetected for long periods of time, studying your environment and crafting a plan to achieve their objective, which is typically to steal money, data, or both. Then, to cover their tracks, the hacker will launch ransomware on your network as they leave, creating a whole new set of problems. How do you identify that an attack like this is occurring BEFORE it’s too late? Alternatively, how can you prepare your organization to investigate what really happened when an attack does occur? This presentation will use an example of a real-world attack to walk you through the different steps a modern attack entails, show you how to prepare in advance to detect an attack at different stages, and make sure you’re logging the right information to properly investigate what happened if an attack does occur.

2:00 p.m. Break in Tradeshow

2:15 p.m.

What does Zero Trust Mean for Banking?
Ted Clouser

This will be an informative session on the Zero Trust mandates being passed down from the White House. What does it mean? Is it possible? And how do you do business with it?

Ted Clouser
PCA Technology Solutions

David Edwards
VP, Business Development
SBS CyberSecurity

Simon Powley
Head of Global Advisory Services
Diebold Nixdorf
Aaron Silva
President & CEO
Paladin fs