Latest Headlines

Analysis: 9 in 10 Publicly Traded PPP Borrowers Kept Loan Funds (8/11/2020) 
Just 12% of publicly traded PPP borrowers elected either to decline or return loan funds.
Survey: P2P Payments, Card-Not-Present Drive 2019 Growth in Debit Transactions (8/11/2020) 
Card-not-present debit transactions rose 21% year-on-year in 2019.
State Associations: Include E-Sign Modernization Bill in COVID Relief Package (8/6/2020) 
51 state bankers associations urged Senate to include S. 4159 in the coronavirus relief package.
Survey: Bank Cyber Risk Management Increasingly Part of IT Function (8/6/2020) 
Cybersecurity in the financial sector is becoming more integrated with the IT functions
Bank Commissioner Candace Franks Announces Retirement (8/5/2020) 
Bank Commissioner Candace Franks has announced her intention to retire after 40 years.
SBA Releases New PPP Forgiveness FAQs, Lending Data (8/5/2020) 
The SBA released a new set of FAQs regarding the forgiveness of PPP loans.
ABA Opposes Student Loan Amendments in NDAA (8/5/2020) 
AmBA opposes two private student loan amendments included in the National Defense Authorization Act
Crapo Presses Regulators to Extend CARES Act Relief Provisions (8/5/2020) 
Crapo is urging regulators to extend certain CARES Act relief provisions.
FinCEN Issues FAQs on Customer Due Diligence (8/4/2020) 
FinCEN published three frequently asked questions regarding customer due diligence requirements.
Fed Survey: Loan Demand Plummets in Second Quarter (8/4/2020) 
More than half of banks reported weaker demand for commercial & industrial loans.
FFIEC Addresses Treatment of Borrowers Nearing End of COVID-19 Accommodations (8/4/2020) 
The FFIEC issued a statement outlining prudent risk management and consumer protection principles.
ABA, State Associations Urge Passage of Streamlined PPP Forgiveness House Bill (8/3/2020) 
ABA and the state associations sent a letter to House leaders in support of H.R. 7777.
ABA, State Associations Call for Guidance on Payment of Agent Fees for PPP Loans (8/3/2020) 
AmBA is urging formal guidance to address confusion regarding fees paid to agents who process PPP.
Agencies Weigh Options for Reducing Burdens Around Third-Party Partnerships (7/31/2020) 
Officials are considering ways to reduce burdens banks face when partnering with 3rd parties.
Kraninger Emphasizes ‘Accommodation of Consumers’ Amid Pandemic (7/31/2020) 
As coronavirusc persists in the U.S., “accommodation of consumers is the top priority” at CFPB.