Latest Headlines

OCC Proposes Rule to Ensure Fair Access to Banking Services (11/23/2020) 
The OCC proposed a rule to ensure fair access to banking services.
Fed Provides Temporary Relief to Community Banks With Pandemic-Inflated Assets (11/23/2020) 
The federal banking agencies issued an interim rule to ease the regulatory burden of community banks
ABA Calls for Extension of CARES Act Relief (11/18/2020) 
AmBA urged lawmakers to consider extending several CARES Act provisions that expire at year-end.
AmBA, Trade Groups Call for Halt to PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaires (11/18/2020) 
AmBA raised concerns about the loan necessity questionnaires that SBA is using to evaluate borrowers
51% of Agricultural Borrowers Profitable in 2020 (11/18/2020) 
Lenders reported that just under 51% of their agricultural borrowers were profitable in 2020.
FSB: Bank Resilience Key in COVID-19 Response (11/16/2020) 
Financial regulatory reforms helped global financial system absorb shocks related to the pandemic.
FDIC Amends Application Requirements for Establishment, Relocation of Branches (11/13/2020) 
The FDIC has amended requirements for establishing and relocating branches and offices.
Morning Consult Survey: Bank Customers Use Mobile Most to Manage Accounts (11/13/2020) 
Bank customers now use mobile apps more than any other method to manage their bank accounts.
Study: Most Americans Looking for Advice from Banks as Financial Stress Rises (11/4/2020) 
The vast majority of Americans are looking for advice or guidance from their primary retail banks.
ABA Survey: Americans Trust Banks Most to Safeguard Personal Data (10/30/2020) 
Consumers trust banks more than other companies to keep their information secure and private.
OCC Finalizes ‘True Lender’ Rule (10/28/2020) 
The OCC finalized the long-awaited 'True Lender' rule.
Vote 2020 Site Offers Important Information for Voters (10/26/2020) 
With election day just days away, the Vote 2020 site offers important information for voters.
With Nod to Industry Progress, CFPB Seeks Feedback on Data Access Regs (10/23/2020) 
CFPB issues a proposed rulemaking on consumer-authorized access to financial records.
Arkansas Bankers Association partners with Bank Marketing Center (10/16/2020) 
The ABA announced the endorsement
SBA Clarifies Expiration Date on PPP Forgiveness Forms (10/14/2020) 
Borrowers may submit a loan forgiveness app at any time before the loan matures.