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ELS Spotlight With Jade Beer

Jade Beer is a Banking Officer / Lobby Supervisor at First Financial Bank in El Dorado, AR.

What is the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned?

Lead by example. In a leadership role, I have learned that people often listen to the words I say, but I have found people in general focus more on action. The best way to build credibility and gain the respect of others is to put my words into actions and set the right example. If my coworkers see me putting a plan into action and moving toward the goal, they are going to be much more likely to follow my lead.

What does effective leadership look like to you?/How has leadership changed in 2020?

I believe an effective leader must be willing to navigate an ever changing society/work environment. I feel that this is more important now than ever. Leadership is not only about delegation; it is also about solving problems and implementing plans to continually move toward a goal. If a leader is not able to continually adapt to whatever challenge they may face, then failure will ensue.

What is the greatest advice you have ever been given?

“Stay humble. It’s not always about YOU!” - A leader with integrity draws on his/her values to guide themselves in decision making, dealing with others, and overall behavior. He/She must have clear conviction about what is right and wrong, and will therefore be respected for being genuine, ethical, and consistent. Displaying integrity through your daily actions while keeping others in mind will see you rewarded with loyalty and respect from others, inside and outside of the work place.

The ELS Spotlight is an ongoing series to highlight our Emerging Leaders from around Arkansas.