Help get financial regulatory reform across the finish line

April 16, 2018

Your letters and calls to senators in support of regulatory reform made a difference. Now we must convince the House to take up and pass the bill, and we need your help. Email your Representative today and urge him/her to support S. 2155!

The Senate heard you and passed S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act—a bipartisan bill containing several targeted, commonsense regulatory fixes that will ultimately benefit the consumers, small businesses and communities your bank serves. The passage of S. 2155 is a solid step towards regulatory reform that will alleviate some of the ill-fitting and unnecessary regulatory burdens on banks and will allow you to better serve your communities and customers. The bill, which is now being considered in the House for action, marks a long-overdue return to commonsense, bipartisan banking policy that serves the American people.

Opposition groups are in full force, pressuring members of the House to defeat this measure.

Bankers need to show our support for these reasonable reforms and contact their Representatives TODAY urging them to pass the Senate’s regulatory reform package.

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