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The Arkansas Bankers Association would like to recognize the men and women who have served the banking industry, and also our country.
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Full NameMilitary BranchYears ServedCompanyCity
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Mike BennettArmy1984-1988Anstaff BankMountain Home
Dwayne FarmerNavy1977-1983Anstaff BankHarrison
Stephen E. StaffordArmy1972-1978Anstaff BankGreen Forest
Robert Alex  Arvest BankFayetteville
Bryan AndersonMarines2004-2009Arvest BankLowell
Daniel BallesterosArmy2003-2011Arvest BankLowell
Ken Banta  Arvest BankFayetteville
Angelica BatistaArmy National Guard2019-PresentArvest BankBentonville
Montina BellArmy1989-1997Arvest BankLittle Rock
Robert BillingsArmy1988-1996Arvest BankLowell
Brytane Ilya BruceArmy National Guard2018Arvest BankFayetteville
Nicholas Byford  Arvest BankFayetteville
Jason CalvilloNavy1997-2002Arvest BankFort Smith
Lori CenterAir Force1985-1994Arvest BankLowell
Joe Chung  Arvest BankFayetteville
Caleb ClarkNavy2013-2014Arvest BankLowell
Bob CraigMarines2005-2010Arvest BankLowell
Roger Cunningham  Arvest BankFayetteville
Karen Cunningham  Arvest BankFayetteville
James Dearman  Arvest BankFayetteville
Linda DeJosiaAir Force1989-1990Arvest BankFort Smith
Kate DossNavy Arvest BankLittle Rock
Jonathan Eggan  Arvest BankFayetteville
Roy ElliottNavy1998-2012Arvest BankLittle Rock
Joe Feagin  Arvest BankFayetteville
Celia Ferrer  Arvest BankFayetteville
Dennis Foster  Arvest BankFayetteville
Andrew Foster  Arvest BankFayetteville
Candace FosterAir Force1984-1992Arvest BankFayetteville
Candace FosterAir Force1984-1992Arvest BankSiloam Springs
William FranklinAir National Guard2013-2021Arvest BankFort Smith
Bryan Gabbard  Arvest BankFayetteville
Byron A. Galloway, Jr.Army National Guard2009-2016Arvest BankSpringdale
Sam Garrett  Arvest BankFayetteville
Robert Gates  Arvest BankFayetteville
Angela GaucinArmy National Guard2018-PresentArvest BankSpringdale
Jonathan Gretz  Arvest BankFayetteville
Brett Grice  Arvest BankJonesboro
Wesley GrinsteadMarines2000-2005Arvest BankNorman
Marcus GuinnArmy & Army National Guard1981-2003Arvest BankLittle Rock
Curtis HallNavy2007-2009Arvest BankFort Smith
Christopher Haugen  Arvest BankFayetteville
Michael HazelwoodArmy1988-1992Arvest BankJacksonville
Gayla HeathmanMarines1993-1994Arvest BankSiloam Springs
Wilfredo Hernandez, Jr.Army2006-2017Arvest BankFayetteville
Jimmy HolmesArmy National Guard1985-1995Arvest BankSpringdale
Mitchell Holt  Arvest BankFayetteville
Richard Hudock  Arvest BankFayetteville
Curtis HuttoArmy1985-1988Arvest BankLowell
Jonathan JonesAir Force1986-1990Arvest BankLowell
Ashley MarshellAir National Guard Arvest BankFort Smith
James MazzantiArmy1990-1993Arvest BankBentonville
Alex MazzantiArmy1990-1993Arvest BankFayetteville
Olin Chance McCraryArmy National Guard2018-PresentArvest BankFayetteville
Rocky MillsNavy1997-2003Arvest BankLowell
Tara MooreAir Force2000-2007Arvest BankJacksonville
Neil MortonArmy1978-1992Arvest BankSiloam Springs
Tiina MunroeAir Force1994-1998Arvest BankLittle Rock
Jeff Neil  Arvest BankFayetteville
Louis NicholsArmy National Guard2014-2020Arvest BankLowell
Britton NowellArmy1990-2013Arvest BankLittle Rock
William Oligher  Arvest BankFayetteville
Michael OliverMarine Corps Reserve2004-2010Arvest BankLittle Rock
Corey OliverNavy1998-2007Arvest BankLowell
Edgar PachecoArmy National Guard2019-PresentArvest BankSpringdale
Phillip Partain  Arvest BankFayetteville
Jon Pfeiffer  Arvest BankFayetteville
Larry PhillipsArmy1966-1968Arvest BankHarrison
Steven PoageNavy1988-1992Arvest BankLowell
James Power  Arvest BankFayetteville
Mark RezankaArmy Reserves1988-2010Arvest BankFayetteville
Marlon RiethArmy National Guard1988-1991Arvest BankConway
David RobinsonArmy1983-1990Arvest BankSpringdale
Ben RonningArmy Reserves1996-PresentArvest BankLowell
Scott RussellArmy1986-1992Arvest BankMountain Home
Douglas Schroeder  Arvest BankFayetteville
Walter Skowron  Arvest BankFayetteville
Jeremy Sparks  Arvest BankFayetteville
Chris StarkArmy & Air Force Reserves2004-2012Arvest BankLowell
Jim StinebaughArkansas Air National Guard1984-2009Arvest BankFort Smith
Justin Thomas  Arvest BankFayetteville
Todd Tittle  Arvest BankFayetteville
Richard Touma  Arvest BankFayetteville
Mark ValentineAir Force1988-1994Arvest BankLowell
Matthew Vigneault  Arvest BankFayetteville
John WagnerNavy2008-2012Arvest BankLowell
David WhiteArmy Reserves1994-1997Arvest BankFort Smith
Kent WilliamsonArmy National Guard1984-1992Arvest BankSpringdale
David A. WilsonArmy1974-1979Arvest BankRogers
Richard Windham  Arvest BankFayetteville
Ashley Wintercorn  Arvest BankFayetteville
Matthew WrightAir Force & Arkansas Air National Guard2002-2012Arvest BankLowell
Keith ZollicofferNavy1989-1993Arvest BankFort Smith
Brett WoodMarines1997-2006Bank of BeardenBearden
Kim RobertsNavy1977-1982Bank of Little RockLittle Rock
John Robert MarshallArmy1989-1991Central National BankPoteau
Neil McGregorMarines1993-2001Chambers BankLittle Elm
Kevin AndersArmy Reserve1995-2003Citizens BankRogers
Nathan DowenArmy2014-2018Citizens BankRogers
Michelle L. LarimoreAir Force1986-1990Citizens BankBatesville
Helen ShawAir Force1988-1992Citizens BankBatesville
Justin TeagueArmy2010-2014Citizens BankRogers
Carl BarnettArmy National Guard1966-1969Commercial Bank & Trust CompanyMonticello
Mr. Joe BrannenArmy Commercial Bank & Trust CompanyMonticello
Mason DealAir Force2012-2017Commercial Bank & Trust CompanyMonticello
Michael EfirdArmy National Guard1988-2000Commercial Bank & Trust CompanyMonticello
George T. HarrisArmy National Guard1961-1965Commercial Bank & Trust CompanyMonticello
Wayne OwenArmy Reserve Commercial Bank & Trust CompanyMonticello
Curtis A. FowlerNavy2001-2007Company UnknownLittle Rock
Gene BlandMarines1960-1968CS BankEureka Springs
John F. CrossArmy1957-1965CS BankEureka Springs
Claude C. CrossNavy1953-1980CS BankEureka Springs
Daniel MumaughAir Force1974-2000CS BankEureka Springs
Robert RawsonArmy1969-1972CS BankHuntsville
John WilsonMarines1986-1992CS BankBerryville
David BurtonAir Force1989-1993Diamond BankGlenwood
Rabih AboukheirNavy1990-1995Eagle Bank & Trust CompanyLittle Rock
Harry Hastings, Jr. 1945-1947Eagle Bank & Trust CompanyLittle Rock
Ken MastersNavy1997-2000Farmers & Merchants BankPerryville
Alberta OwensArmy National Guard2012-2020Farmers & Merchants BankStuttgart
Ed WilkinsonNavy1990-2010Farmers BankGreenwood
Robert L. BurnsArmy1966-2004Farmers Bank & Trust CompanyMagnolia
Brian EvansNavy1988-1997Farmers Bank & Trust CompanyHot Springs National Park
Troy Stewart 1966-1969Farmers Bank & Trust CompanyCamden
Suk BartonAir Force Fidelity BankWynne
James BrogdonArmy & Air National Guard1963-1965 & 1965-1969Fidelity BankWest Memphis
Bradley RalphArmy1996-1999Fidelity BankWest Memphis
Janice BarnesAir Force & Air Force Reserves1985-1991 & 1991-1996First Arkansas Bank & TrustJacksonville
Maritza MoraAir Force & Air Force Reserves2001-2007 & 2007-2009First Arkansas Bank & TrustJacksonville
John WolfordAir Force1985-2004First Arkansas Bank & TrustJacksonville
Zeke DixonArmy National Guard2006-2012First Community BankConway
Phillip ReevesAir Force2011-2014First Community BankBatesville
Allen Williams 1987-1996First Community BankJonesboro
Jennifer WyattAir Force2001-2005First Community BankBatesville
Davis Wayne GoodeMarines1987-2010First Financial Bank CorporationEl Dorado
Boyd RothwellArmy1968-1971First National Bankers BankLittle Rock
Brad BeckArmy National Guard1982-2002First Security BankConway
Terry BoyetteArmy1989-1993First Security BankSearcy
Melvin BrownArmy National Guard1962-1966 and 1977-2003First Security BankSearcy
Chasa CrockettArmy1992-2005First Security BankSpringdale
James DixonArmy1988-1994First Security BankSearcy
Jeffrey GriffinAir Force1991-2011First Security BankLittle Rock
Paul G. Ording, IIAir Force1990-2013First Security BankSearcy
Clyde OsterhoutArmy National Guard1985-2019First Security BankSpringdale
Henry E. PoolAir Force1962-1965First Security BankSearcy
Daniel SelbyArmy National Guard2012-2019First Security BankSearcy
Mike VinsonNavy1992-2017First Security BankSearcy
Stephanie A. WeithmanArmy1989-2000First Security BankSearcy
Brett WoodAir Force2011-2015First Security BankClarksville
Heather O'BannionArmy2000-2008First Service Bancshares, Inc.Greenbrier