Andy Core
Andy Core has a master’s degree in the science of human performance and has spent the last 16 years mastering the art of inspiring people to become energized, healthy, motivated and better equipped to thrive in today's hectic society.

His “research scientist meets standup comic” style gives audiences the proprietary information and inspiration needed to accomplish more at work, live healthy, and still have a life. Combining stories from his experience a successful consultant with the latest research, he will ignite your motivation, show you how to execute a better way of life and live to enjoy it.
Elliot Garbus
Zero fatalities. Mobility for all. Reduced congestion. The future of automated driving and connected transportation will change our lives for the better. Elliot Garbus, Vice President of Internet of Things Solutions Group and former GM of Intel’s Transportation Solutions Division will discuss how technology is changing the landscape of the automotive industry and how the convergence of technology from the car to the cloud will help to bring about substantive changes to our lives and reshape industries.
Captain Brian Udell
Hanging in the straps of his parachute and feeling the cold night air on his face, Brian Udell felt as if a freight train had collided with his body. As he struggled to inflate his life preserver before plunging into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, he realized it had shredded with the force of the supersonic windblast... The next several hours of survival and the many months of excruciating rehabilitation deliver an almost unbelievable story. Brian Udell holds the record for surviving the highest speed ejection from a U.S. Fighter Aircraft at nearly 800 miles per hour. His determination, perseverance, faith, and sheer will to survive is unparalleled.

Get inspired with us as we listen to Brian’s story of survival, recovery, and return to the Strike Eagle.